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Choose Your Own Retirement Adventure

Choose Your Own Retirement Adventure. Which path will your journey take? With your desk now empty and the last pieces of your retirement-party cake packed away, you walk toward the elevator. The dueling scents of toner ink and coffee embrace you one last time as you think back on the memories you've made here.Rounding the corner, you're shocked to discover that in your 15 years on the job, you've never seen this part of the office before—but you're not worried. You know that you are more than prepared for whatever this adventure may bring. In front of you is a cheerfully lit room. The room is empty except for three doors. Which door do you choose?Do You Enjoy Helping Others? Choose the First Door. Do You Have Experience to share? Choose the Second Door. Do You Love to Travel? Choose the Third Door1. You enjoy helping others. Volunteering is one of the most fulfilling endeavors during retirement. Whether you're dedicating your time to your town's food bank, reading to the young at your local library, or helping build homes for the less fortunate, the perfect volunteer opportunity is waiting for you.Door 1 ending. As you walk through the first door, you feel a sense of purpose infusing your every step. You've chosen to help others above all else in your retirement. You feel proud of the lives you'll enrich with your time. Continue to ending 2 below.2. You have experience to share. If you’ve found professional success and wish to share your knowledge, consulting or coaching can be an excellent way to maintain a flexible retirement while increasing your income. If you crave a classroom setting, consider alternative certification paths to becoming a teacher. In fact, about 20% of the 35,000 people who use alternative certification are age 50 and older. Source 1.Door 2 ending. You realize that a life of instruction is perfect for your retirement as you walk through the second door. Watching others flourish under your expert tutelage will be the greatest of joys and the minds you shape will remember your impact for decades to come. Continue to ending 3 below.3. You love to travel. If you’ve never been able to fully satisfy your wanderlust, consider becoming a house sitter or property caretaker. Many times, these positions can be excellent ways to travel without spending an exorbitant amount. Some retirees have even used house sitting as a means to see the world. Source 2.Door 3 ending. Living a life on the road has always been tempting. But now, you realize there has never been a more perfect time to embrace your passion for adventure. Your eyes remain fixed on the horizon, as you enjoy a retirement brimming with new experiences.Sources: 1. Kiplinger.com, 2020, 2. Estatesitting.com, 2021

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