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5 Tips for Saving and Investing as a Small-Business Owner

As a business owner, putting all your profits back into the business may be tempting, especially during the lean years. However, when it comes to saving and investing as a business owner, there are other paths you could consider for the long run without so much emphasis on the short term. Maintain Liquid Assets Everyone […]

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High-Net-Worth Individuals and the Benefits of Philanthropy

High-net-worth (HNW) individuals have investable assets of a million dollars or more. Their substantial monetary resources often put them in a position to contribute monetarily and significantly improve society. The value of philanthropy extends far beyond the immediate beneficiaries of the HNW individuals’ contributions. Their philanthropic endeavors not only aid the recipients of their generosity […]

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LTC Planning for High-Net-Worth Families

Long-term care (LTC) planning is a significant financial decision that requires thoughtful consideration and precise planning. This undertaking can be more complex for high-net-worth families due to a more extensive and diverse asset base and other considerations. LTC costs can unravel even the most thoughtful financial plans if not planned for, undermining suitable wealth management […]

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Year-End Planning for Retirees

As we approach the last quarter of each year, it is a good time to plan for the next one. Year-end planning is especially important for existing retirees and those hoping to retire in the next few years. There are tax and income strategies you might consider regarding your financial assets. Here are three steps […]

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Protecting Your Financial Information Online

More consumers are conducting financial transactions online and may become vulnerable to tracking, hacking, identity theft, phishing scams, and other cyberspace risks. While nothing can guarantee complete safety on the Internet, understanding how to protect your privacy can help mitigate your exposure to risk.   Here are some ways to help you safeguard your information: […]

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Retirement Security Starts With Visualizing Your Future

Planning for your financial future and retirement looks much different now than in previous years. Some people must supplement their Social Security to have enough to maintain their desired lifestyle. This means financial planning is now a critical component of retirement. While having a financial professional on your side is vital to managing your financial […]

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5 Expensive Long-Term Care Planning Mistakes to Avoid

The vast majority of Americans need long-term care. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 70% of people over age 65 may need some long-term care during their lives.1 Unfortunately, planning for long-term care may be confusing. To safeguard your finances, try to avoid these expensive mistakes. 1. Don’t Assume You Don’t […]

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5 Emergency Savings Tips for Building a Financial Safety Net

From unemployment to a sudden health crisis to a crippling accident, being financially prepared for life’s many challenges may smooth the road ahead. Whether you are just starting out or have been working toward financial health for years, there are a few key steps you may take now to help construct your financial safety net. […]

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Figuring Out a 401(k) Strategy That Works for You

Everyone wants a comfortable retirement, but the road you take there will depend on your specific situation. When you invest, you assume a certain level of risk (but like everyone you’re hoping that your holdings will increase in value). One of the most challenging aspects of investing involves matching your tolerance for risk with your […]

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3 Ways To Improve Your Finances for Self-Improvement Month

September is self-improvement month and a great time to work on your financial health. When you think of self-improvement, you likely think of your health or career but may pay little attention to your finances. Getting your financial health in order may help alleviate stress and give you some breathing room to improve your life […]

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High Earning Women and Wealth Management

In the U.S., women control a third of household assets. But by 2030, U.S. women are expected to control much of the assets that the baby boomer generation will pass to heirs, roughly 30 trillion in assets. High-earning women have become the newest face of wealth and will increase their net worth even more. High-earning […]

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5 Ways Senior Citizens Can Invest Their Savings

Even if you are already retired, it doesn’t mean you should stop trying to grow your savings. Inflation, unexpected medical bills, and changes to your lifestyle or family may result in the need for additional income than you initially anticipated when planning your retirement. While investing is one of the quickest ways to grow your […]

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3 Golf Tips to Keep Your Retirement Plan on Course

In golf, as in finances, there are a few rules of thumb that may improve your game: keep a level head, avoid traps, practice before trying something new and stay the course. Applying lessons from the golf course to your financial life and vice versa may help you improve your game in both arenas. Here […]

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It’s Never Too Late to Improve Your Financial Awareness

Financial education is constantly evolving. As investments, financial priorities, and the economy change, so do financial strategies and plans. To stay on top of your retirement and ensure that you are on your way toward your financial goals, it’s vital to keep up with your financial education and awareness so that you will be able […]

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